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About Us

OzBid Auctions is a full-service, live and online auction house and art gallery in Australia. We connect millions of potential buyers to affordable, high-quality Australian and Aboriginal artwork.

Based in Sydney, the OzBid Auctions team has strong expertise in sourcing gallery quality art, making it available to customers at affordable prices through live and online auctions. Our model benefits buyers as well as suppliers by offering both an online bidding environment and physical auctions – appealing to the time poor and those wishing to view the art before buying.

With a team of dedicated art specialists and support staff, OzBid Auctions brings the best of Aboriginal Art, Australian and international art knowledge and auction expertise to the public, making buying at auction an enjoyable and secure way to purchase.

Our live auctions are video streamed in real time, so no matter where you are in the world, you can take part in these exciting events, all you need is your internet connected computer or smartphone to be an active bidder.

High quality, affordable art from reputable sources
OzBid Auctions has access to a wide variety of quality art, sourced from reputable galleries, artists directly or private owners, and an in-depth knowledge of Indigenous and contemporary art. We have strong relationships with the Aboriginal communities in Australia. In fact, 70 per cent of all artwork we sell is Aboriginal art.

OzBid sells a range of art, valued from as little as $50, through to $30,000 – meeting a range of budgets – so everyone can have the opportunity to purchase art at reasonable prices.

With about 70 per cent of all artwork on offer sourced from remote Indigenous art communities across Australia, OzBid is committed to supporting these artists. Famous Aboriginal artist, Barbara Weir said, “OzBid opened doors I didn’t even know existed, by making my artwork available to a much wider market, in Australia as well as overseas. I work exclusively with OzBid because they allow me to focus solely on my paintings and I have peace of mind knowing that the sale of my artwork is being taken care of”.

Indigenous art is the beating heart of the OzBid business. All Indigenous artworks come with a guarantee of authenticity, meaning that the art is what it claims to be, and the revenues from the sale directly benefit the artists and their communities.

By sourcing all its art directly from the artist, private owners or reputable galleries, OzBid provides contemporary Aboriginal artists exposure to new markets that would not have been possible under the traditional gallery system.